If there’s one question everyone wants to know the answer to, it’s where is Ryerson University planning to build its new Brampton campus?

Metrolinx, through their Capital Projects update, may have inadvertently released the answer. Under its updates for the Kitchener corridor (that’s the GO rail line that runs through Brampton), it’s reported that Metrolinx has been collaborating with “the City of Brampton and Ryerson University on the Brampton Station redevelopment.”

It’s been speculated before that Ryerson will be located in downtown Brampton, and provincial campus plans in the last decade have favoured campuses more urban and connected to transit.

There have also been two major property purchases by Metrolinx and the city in the past few years to support an expansion downtown. Metrolinx, in April 2016, bought 1.78 acres of property just south of the GO station, in the block bounded by George St, Elizabeth Street, Railroad St, and Nelson St. The stated reason back then was they were going to knock down the houses and build a parking lot for the short term that could potentially be redeveloped in the long term.

The City of Brampton had also budgeted $2.5 million in the 2018 budget to buy 8 Nelson Street, the office building above the downtown bus terminal, and its associated underground parking lot. The funds were also allocated to remediate the bus terminal roadways.

The two sections of property are very close to each other, and directly adjacent to the GO station, signaling that this may very well be the location of the Brampton campus. Both are also within 300 metres of a parking lot at 20 George Street, that in the previous Southwest Quadrant Plan (the recent city hall expansion), was supposed to host the relocation of the Four Corner downtown library branch. Council has committed $150 million to a new central library combined with a university library and innovation zone.

As of now, this is all speculation based on the information we’ve got, but it’s all we’ve got until an official announcement is made. Bramptonist has also asked Ryerson University and Metrolinx to confirm this information. But just remember that when the announcement is made Bramptonist told you so.