The recent unseasonably cool weather and ice storm are a thing of the past because temperatures in Brampton will feel summer-like this coming week.

The Weather Network reports Brampton, along with other cities across Southern Ontario, can expect a temporary bout of summer weather with temperatures soaring into the mid-twenties.

The week starts off on a high note reaching 19 degrees Monday and will continue to rise, with Tuesday and Wednesday expected to be the warmest days. Humidity levels may reach as high as the 30s mid-week.

“The expected pattern would readily support temperatures reaching the upper 20s for parts of the region, with the humidex reaching well into the 30s, but our forecast will remain somewhat more conservative until confidence in the pattern increases,” says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Temperatures won’t last, a cold front is expected to come into the region at the end of the week bringing things back down to seasonal temperatures. But regardless, they will be the warmest days of the year so far and that’s worth enjoying.