There are a number of bylaws to follow in Brampton. Most of them, if unfollowed, will result in a ticket or a fine. Some of these include:

Keeping your property clean

The Grass and Weed Cutting Bylaw requires all Brampton homeowners and Private Property owners to cut their grass and weeds whenever they exceed twenty centimetres in height. Anyone unwilling to comply with this regulation will be given a notice by a municipal bylaw officer to comply within seventy-two hours. Otherwise, the homeowner will be found guilty of an offence and is liable, upon conviction, to pay a fine of up to $2,000.

Illegal signage

If one wants to post any form of sign somewhere in the city, whether it be to promote a business, a banner or construction site sign, they must get the proper permits. Anyone who does not comply with the requirements or fails to obey an order issued against them will be found guilty of an offence.

Don’t park on your lawn

Parking on the front lawn of your home or any residential property is not allowed under the Minimum Maintenance (Property Standards) bylaws and the zoning bylaws. Doing this can damage the lawn and the property’s landscape and can allow auto fluids to soak into the soil/groundwater. Anyone found parking on their front lawn will be ticketed with a $75.00 fine.

Don’t park where you’re not supposed to

This rule applies to several wrong ways of parking such as blocking the sidewalk, overhanging the curb, if your car is parked in a street spot for more than three hours without the Parking Consideration Temporary Permit, parked on the street overnight with no permit, blocking a fire route, blocking a fire hydrant, or parking near a corner or intersection.