One of the best things about Brampton is that there are so many places to try the cuisine from different cultures. Take the humble bánh mì: tasty veggies, and assorted meat on a fresh baguette. What’s not to like?

Bánh mì tends to be among the freshest and cheapest fast food options in any city. The hybrid sub sandwiches are the result of French colonial influences on Vietnam and are usually filled with cold cuts, pates, coriander and daikon salad. Toronto has lots of options, and while Brampton’s are more limited, we happen to have a couple of places you can enjoy some good bánh mì.

Bánh Mì Brampton Bubble Tea

50 Kennedy Road South, Unit 3A

You’ll find this establishment at the AAA Supermarket. It’s a small cafe selling bubble tea, desserts, and of course bánh mì. It offers seven different sandwiches to choose from, the most popular being the bánh mì thập cẩm. It includes French bread, assorted meats, liver pâté, vegetables, and hot peppers. Regardless of the chosen toppings on your sandwich, it’ll only set you back about $4. Sandwiches are prepared fresh at the front-facing counter, so you get to watch all the action.

Che Thuy NGA-Viet

143 Clarence Street

This sandwich bar is at Clarence and Kennedy, and while the restaurant is small, it’s a great spot for take-out. It has 10 choices of bánh mì, the most popular being the same as the other spot: the thập cẩm. Che Thuy’s other options include gá (chicken), bò (beef), and a bunch more. Prices range from $3 to $4.