Now that Jagmeet Singh is the official leader of the federal New Democratic Party, a new problem has presented itself for the party at the provincial level — how will it preserve its stronghold in the Brampton area?

Back in 2011 when Jagmeet Singh was elected as an MPP in the Bramalea-Malton-Gore riding, he became the first NDP party member to ever be elected in Peel Region.

Now that the charismatic Singh, well-liked by NDP supporters and non-supporters alike, has left for the federal party, up-and-coming party nominees have big shoes to fill.

It’s not going to be an easy task, but one of the strategies the Ontario NDP seems to be employing is bringing in young, charismatic community advocates with energy and enthusiasm, very much like Singh himself.

The party announced its first Brampton nomination recently, and she certainly fits the bill. Sarah Singh, the NDP candidate for Brampton Centre is stepping up to the plate to try to win over Bramptonians.

Singh, a PhD candidate and founder of community organization Broadening Horizons,  identifies as a progressive thinker, with many of her views stemming from lived family experiences and advocating for social change. She’s going to make these two things a part of her platform.

“Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners, I care about protecting small businesses and the middle-class. I am also working to address issues of discrimination in the community and fighting for inclusion,” says Sarah Singh.

Jagmeet Singh’s presence, personality, and relatability are virtually unmatched in Canadian politics today, but the newer crop of politicians are learning from him and the unconventional way he’s done things.

Sara Singh seems up to the challenge of helping to maintain what has become a stronghold for the NDP in Brampton and the surrounding area.

“Having worked with closely with him for a number of years, Jagmeet has taught me that it isn’t about filling his shoes, but finding my own voice and sharing that with our communities,” says Sara Singh. “I have learned a lot from him about the issues that matter to our communities and how to take action. His footprints have helped build future leaders, so we can all rise together. I am confident that we will carry his legacy forward in the Peel region.”

It appears Sarah Singh will hold her own as things ramp up to the 2018 election. As a member of numerous community organizations like Beaux-Arts Brampton and Brampton Caledon Community Living, and a recipient of the Brampton Board of Trade Top 40 Under 40, it’s safe to say she will be one to watch.

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