Let’s face it, advent calendars are awesome, even when you’re a grown up.  But if you still get excited about the $4 calendars with Lindor chocolates, it’s time to step up your game. Say hello to the Wine Advent Calendar.

This calendar features 25 bottles of wine to take you from December 1st to 25th — or to be spaced out at our own discretion. Each bottle of wine in the set boasts an individual price of $100, so it’s no surprise that this awesome calendar comes with a hefty price tag of $850.

Shipping is free and if you order before November 26, your calendar will arrive in time for December 1st so you can get the party started. It is Christmas after all! And if you feel even the least bit guilty, all wines come from a few wineries based out of B.C. so you’re essentially supporting Canadian businesses — that makes it okay right? Either way, treat yo’ self!

On a budget? Create your own wine advent calendar on the cheap

Step 1: Acquire wine. Exclusive Wines on Sandalwood offers a variety of fruit wines, ports and other specialties. You can even create your own wine!

Step 2: Print these adorable advent calendar labels or make your own.adventcountdown12

Step 3: Attach labels and store however you’d like. We dig this concept below.img_0893

And voila, you’ve got yourself a wine advent calendar. Enjoy!