January 15, 2024 – Peel Region is set to implement its winter garbage exemption, providing Brampton residents with a seamless solution for efficient home decluttering. Scheduled to commence shortly, this one-day exemption empowers residents to dispose of considerable amounts of acceptable garbage without the requisite garbage tags.

Residents are advised to acquaint themselves with their assigned garbage exemption day. Those without physical collection calendars may access the schedule conveniently via the Peel Region Waste Calendar.

For the benefit of those who prefer timely reminders, a complimentary weekly collection notification service is available. Subscribers may elect to receive alerts via email, text message, or a phone call by registering at Waste Collection Reminders.

On the allocated garbage exemption day, residents are afforded the liberty to place unlimited amounts of acceptable garbage at the curb without the necessity for supplementary garbage tags.

It is imperative to recognize that this exemption exclusively pertains to the designated garbage collection day, with recycling collection days remaining unaffected. Adherence to the prescribed schedule is paramount.

Size and Weight Parameters: Prior to engaging in disposal activities, residents should be cognizant of stipulated guidelines. Each garbage bag is subject to weight limitations (not exceeding 20 kg) and specific dimensions (ranging from 66 cm x 90 cm to 30 cm x 30 cm).

Strategic Placement Practices: Optimal efficiency during the collection process can be ensured by adhering to a thoughtful placement strategy, with smaller items neatly confined to bags and larger items positioned separately on the curb. A 1-meter clearance between excess garbage and the cart is recommended.

Collection Day Protocols: Residents are advised to present their additional garbage for collection by 8 a.m. on the designated day. Recycling collection days are expressly excluded from accommodating excess waste. In the event that collection fails to transpire by 8 p.m., residents are urged to promptly report the matter.

This one-day exemption offers a refined approach to home cleanup. Embrace the winter garbage exemption with adherence to guidelines, fostering a cleaner and more organized Brampton.