November 24, 2023 – With winter weather looming, the City of Brampton is gearing up to ensure the safety of its residents with enhanced measures for winter preparedness. The municipality has meticulously readied its fleet of vehicles and equipment to tackle the challenges that the winter season may bring.

Expanding Financial Assistance for Snow Removal

The City is expanding its Financial Assistance Program to aid seniors, people with disabilities, and now renters with the costs of snow removal. Eligible applicants can receive grants of up to $300 for non-corner lots or up to $400 for corner lots. To apply, visit the City of Brampton website.

Ensuring Safe Streets during Weather Events

To facilitate efficient snow clearing operations, the City is strictly enforcing a no-parking policy on streets during winter weather events. The updated Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) By-Law 333-2013 increases penalties for vehicles hindering snow removal efforts:

  • First Offence: $125
  • Second Offence: $250
  • Subsequent Offences: $500

Enhanced Towing Measures

New this winter season, the City will deploy staff to inspect roads before plowing, ensuring the swift towing of illegally parked vehicles. This proactive approach aims to improve towing enforcement activities.

Brampton’s Snow Plow Tracker

Residents can track snow-clearing progress using the City’s Plow Tracker on and the 311 mobile app. The tool provides real-time information on cleared roads and allows residents to submit service requests.

Quick Facts

The City clears over 4,120 lane kilometers of roads, 1,015 kilometers of sidewalks, 2,556 transit stops, 217 kilometers of recreation trails, 191 school crossing locations, and 86 city facility parking lots each year.

With a dedicated team and new measures in place, Brampton is poised to navigate the winter season effectively, ensuring the accessibility and safety of streets, sidewalks, transit stops, recreational trails, and school crossings.

For any other information about snow in the City of Brampton, check out their ‘Resident Guide to Snow Operations‘.