With the ongoing provincial and municipal decisions to cancel event permits still in effect, the 4th annual World of Jazz Festival, presented by B-Jazzed, is proud to announce it has created a hybrid event, hosting both live and virtual performances.

It all happens on September 12th and 13th. The festival features 20 ensembles over two days, the festival’s largest offering to date. Local audiences can enjoy small, free in-person performances throughout Brampton September 12. September 13 features a live, in-studio, professionally produced virtual concert on Sunday, September 13th. The virtual concert can be viewed by anyone in the world.

Over the last three years, thanks to an enthusiastic local audience and growing appetite for jazz music, the World of Jazz Festival has attracted large crowds to Brampton by presenting live music, cultural diversity, and family activities in Garden Square and the Rose Theatre.

With 2020 making gatherings like festivals hard, it remained the top priority for the team at B-Jazzed that this year’s World of Jazz Festival take place.

In a statement, B-Jazzed said, “The hybrid approach not only allows for continued momentum in providing an annual, first-class event, but will offer hope and uplift spirits through music, as well as ensure compensated performance opportunities for musicians and technicians who have gone without since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Carmen Spada, Artistic Director of B-Jazzed, personally added, “This pandemic has challenged… creative output and financial security of artists all around the world. Just as the blues did over 100 years ago, jazz music, as its closest descendant, can lift the suffering human condition to positivity and prosperity. The opportunity to deliver that hope was one that we could not deny at B-Jazzed and it is our sincere pleasure to deliver this year’s World of Jazz Festival.”

Check out the festival at the festival site here.

Feature Image – Bryan McGowan Photography