Brampton Transit just launched a new loyalty program that allows customers to earn free rides when they pay their fare with a PRESTO card, and for a limited time PRESTO cards fees will be waived.

When riders pay for 12 trips on Brampton Transit in a one-week period from Monday to Sunday using their PRESTO card balance, every trip after that is free during that same week.

The new loyalty program is being launched in part to incentivize riders to use PRESTO, which allows for contactless payments. Cards can be re-loaded without visiting a transit station and you can even set up automatic re-loads through PRESTO’s online system.

Brampton Transit is encouraging all riders who still use cash to pay for their trips to acquire PRESTO card from a customer service counter. For a limited time, Brampton Transit is waiving the $6 PRESTO card fee, making it free for anyone to get a card.

One PRESTO card is available per customer at any Brampton Transit counters at transit terminals, with the exception of Trinity Common Terminal which is currently closed.

The program will apply to all fare categories, allowing riders of all ages to earn free trips. Transfers and fares paid on other transit service providers and discounted GO co-fare payments do not count towards this program and weekly passes are still available.

The new loyalty went into effect on Monday, July 6.