There’s only one thing better than a good zaaa, and that’s a good dessert zaaa when your sweet tooth takes over.

One of Brampton’s newer pizza joints, Juice & Rocco’s, has added a dessert pizza to its menu featuring a Canadian favourite — apple pie.

The apple pie pizza comes on a thin crust with apple pie filling, graham cracker crumble, cinnamon and icing sugar on top. It’s a delicious take on the dessert.

At this point, the apple pie pizza is the only dessert pizza on the menu. Juice and Rocco’s serves up a bunch of other thin crust pizzas in a variety of different combinations. They also recently added wings and sandwiches to the menu.

The pizzeria also has sweet and savoury pizza with caramelized pears, brie and goat cheese that’s a pretty delicious concoction.

This delicious pizza comes in two sizes: 12″ and 18″. It’s available for pickup at the restaurant located at 52 Main Street North in downtown Brampton or for delivery through DoorDash.