In the age of UberEats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash, more and more local restaurants are starting to offer delivery. The latest spot to join the club will deliver your favourite caffeinated beverage to straight to your house.

Second Cup is officially on UberEats and if you really want to take being a hermit seriously this winter, you can do it without having to worry about getting your espresso fix.

From 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. you can have espresso-based drinks delivered, including lattes, cappuccinos, mochaccinos, or just straight up espressos.

They also deliver regular coffee, hot chocolate, smoothies, frappes, and even iced coffee if your winter hermiting lasts into the warmer months. We aren’t judging.

If you like a snack with your morning or afternoon coffee, they deliver breakfast sandwiches and items from the bakery, including brownies, cookies and the whole shebang, really. You can even get a banana delivered if that’s what you’re into.

Now, if you’re hosting guests or it’s a cold winter morning that’s keeping you from venturing outside, you can also order coffee by the bag. It’s basically coffee on demand.

The only thing missing from the Second Cup UberEats menu is the delicious La Rocca cakes by the slice — a glaring omission in our opinion. We’ll all just have to settle for a latte.