If you’ve ever dreamt of swimming like a real mermaid (if mermaids are even real,) here’s your chance.

Wet’N’Wild Toronto has launched Mermaid University, where you can learn to swim like Ariel herself, fins and all.

On select Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout July Mermaid University will be in session. You can sign up for different days at various times, some during the day and some in the evening.

For the class, you’ll use Fin Fun Mermaidens Mermaid Tails, which is like the Mercedes Benz of mermaid tails, and you’ll get to keep it as part of the cost of registration.

In the classes you’ll learn to dip, wade and tread water just like a true mermaid.

Classes are open to children and adults who can pass the required swim test. It’s not easy swimming without two legs so participants need to be strong swimmers.

Mermaid U costs $150 and, as mentioned, the fin is included in the price so you can whip it out and show off your mermaid skills in the future. Classes take place in the park’s Coconut Cove pool.

Find out more about Wet’N’Wild’s Mermaid University by clicking here.