The winter garbage exemption period for the Region of Peel will be from January 27 – February 7. You can check your collection calendar for your specific garbage exemption day.

On your garbage exemption day

  • You can put as much acceptable garbage as you have out on the curb
  • You don’t need garbage tags

Placement and collection

  • Put your extra trash out with your regular garbage on collection day. Collectors won’t pick up garbage from the curb on recycling collection days.
  • Garbage collectors may collect your cart and any excess refuse at different times during the day.
  • Leave your garbage cart and excess trash at the curb until 8 pm. If neither your cart or trash are collected after 8 pm, you can report a missed collection.

Placing extra garbage on the curb

  • Put smaller garbage in trash bags
  • Place bigger items separately on the curb
  • Place all excess trash next to your garbage cart. Be sure to leave 1 metre (about 3 feet) of space between the excess refuse and your cart.

Excess garbage bag weight and size limits

Any and all garbage bags put out on the curb for collection cannot:

  • Weigh more than 20 kilograms
  • Be larger than 66 centimetres wide and 90 centimetres high
  • Be smaller than 30 centimetres wide and 30 centimetres high

If you have any questions, head over to the Region of Peel Waste Management page here.