Youth Arts Against Violence (YAAV) is an initiative by Eclypse to promote anti-violence messaging amongst youth (Age 12-24) through creative arts-based programming. Eclypse has designed its programs to inspire self-esteem and self-confidence in youth by utilizing artistic expression. The ultimate goal is to equip youth with the tools to deal with violence in a constructive manner. All workshops are completely free! Here’s what they have to offer:

Photography – Learn the basics of photography, such as:  lighting, composition, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, post-editing

Modern Batik – A technique where wax is applied to fabric using water soluble dyes, resulting in amazing, unpredictable textures and tone.

Visual Arts – Develop your artistic skills!  Learn different art mediums, complete different projects, and have fun!

Drama – Step outside of you comfort zone and try something new. Drama includes improv, miming, spoken word, and lots more!

Workshops take place on a weekly basis. Take a look at their monthly calendar to stay in the loop. Registration for workshops is done over the phone by calling (905) 790 7707.