Brampton Transit is launching the 561 Züm Queen West route on September 6, 2016. This comes as part of the city’s annual September major service improvements.

In addition to the previously reported Shopper’s World-UTM express bus, the city is modifying 28 existing Züm and local lines. Three high school routes will also be changed for the fall.

The 54 James Potter, 56 Springbrook, and 210 Cardinal Leger routes will be cancelled in September, replaced by new and existing transit lines.

A new transit terminal at Sheridan College should also be complete by the fall. Routes that serve the school will be realigned to drop and pick students up closer to the campus.

Transit schedules will have a new look in the fall. Instead reading awkwardly from top-to-bottom, the new design is cleaner and can be read from to left-to-right.

The city retired its last high floor bus in July. This should mean that the entire system is accessible, however that will not be confirmed until September.

Züm/Express Line Changes

  • 501/A Queen: small weekday adjustments
  • 502 Main: rush hour frequency increased to 8 minutes; weekday evening frequency increased to 15 minutes
  • 505 Bovaird: some buses will continue west from Mount Pleasant GO as 561 Queen West
  • 511/A Steeles: realigned to serve Sheridan College Terminal; two Saturday morning trips added at Gateway Terminal
  • NEW 561 Queen West: new route from Mount Pleasant GO to Downtown Brampton via Bovaird, Mississauga, and Queen West; 15 minute weekday rush hour service; 20 minute midday weekday service (no evening or weekends)
  • 115 Airport Express: weekday rush frequency increased to 20 minutes; Sunday service increased to 30 minutes
  • NEW 199 UTM Express: three two-way trips in rush hour between Gateway Terminal and UTM via Hurontario, 407, 403, and Erin Mills Parkway

Primary/Arterial Line Changes

  • 1/A Queen: 1 will no longer loop in Flowertown area but continue to Mount Pleasant GO; 1 Queen realigned to serve Ebenezer Road in both directions; 1A midday service added; combined 1/A midday service increased to 15 minutes; late night service decreased to 30 minutes
  • 3 McLaughlin: northbound service enters Sheridan College Terminal
  • 4 Chinguacousy: realigned to Sheridan College Terminal; end-to-end service increased by two minutes
  • 7 Kennedy: Saturday midday frequency increased to 15 minutes
  • 11 Steeles: realigned to Sherdian College Terminal; small weekday adjustments
  • 14 Torbram: new trips added to weekday midday and afternoon service
  • 18/B Dixie: small adjustments for all times and days
  • 23 Sandalwood: Saturday morning frequency increased to 35 minutes; small adjustments at all times and days
  • 29 Williams: small weekday adjustments
  • 31 McVean: realigned to area east of Goreway/Mayfield instead of west; weekday rush frequency decreased to 35 minutes; offpeak frequency decreased to 60 mintues
  • 50 Goreway: midday frequency increased to 20 minutes
  • RENAMED 51 Steeles West (from Hereford): realigned to Sheridan College Terminal
  • 60 Mississauga: realigned in north to service Williams Parkway and Royal West Drive; non-rush hour weekday and weekend service added at 60 minute frequency

Community Line Changes

  • 24 Van Kirk: downtown loop realignment; small adjustments at all times and days
  • 25 Edenbrook: extended to service Remembrance Drive loop north of Wanless; small weekday adjustments
  • 26 Mount Pleasant: realigned to Buick Drive via Veterans Drive; 60 minute weekday midday service added
  • 53 Ray Lawson: realigned to Ray Lawson, Kingknoll and Oaklea loops removed
  • ELIMINATED 54 James Potter: Replaced by 53 and 57 services
  • NEW 55 Elbern Markell: Service from Mount Pleasant GO to Queen/Chinguacousy via Elbern Markell, Ingleborough, Creditview, Bonnie Braes, and James Potter; weekday rush and midday service at 45 minute frequency
  • ELIMINATED 56 Springbrook: Replaced by 561, 1, 55, and 60 services
  • 57 Charloais: Service extended to Flowertown loop; Weekday midday and weekend service increased to 30 minutes

School Line Changes

  • 209 St. Augustine: realigned to use Drinkwater Road instead of Lockwood Road
  • 210 Cardinal Legercancelled due to Queen West transit improvements
  • 213 St. Edmund Campion: Boarding in afternoon will happen in front of school east of Brisdale Drive
The future of Züm

Züm Phase One (Queen, Main, Steeles) and Züm Phase Two (Bovaird, Steeles West, Queen West) were part of a multi-million dollar project funded by the city, the province, and the federal government. At the time of planning, it was conceived these six routes would blanket most of the city with rapid transit access within 2km.

It is unknown what Züm routes will follow. The city has formally asked for funding to build stations and intersection reconstruction along Airport Road from Bovaird to Steeles.

The city’s 2015 transportation masterplan has identified Kennedy Road, Sandalwood Parkway, Bramalea Road, Chinguacousy Road, and Mississauga Road as future Züm corridors.